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gc_slash_recs's Journal

Good Charlotte Slash Recs
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So you're looking for a story and want it found - ask here. Looking for an interview? Good bet someone here knows what you're talking about. Just read the Best Fucking Good Charlotte Story Ever? Let us know.

Hell even if you're not looking for something specific, give it a shot. There's usually someone who can find something you're looking for, be it a pairing or situation or kink or whatever.

There is but one Law. And it is Final Law:
Don't be a bastard. I will not stand for rudeness or flaming. If you have shit to talk, take it to AIM or something, keep it out of here. This is my zero tolerance rule, and I'm serious. Respect each other and play nice. (I'm mostly saying this because ALL Good Charlotte slash is allowed here, including twincest. Don't like twincest? Then ignore the rec. Simple as that.)

Crossover recs are okay, as long as some GC boy is featured. No problem there.

Feel free to pimp stuff out, just don’t spam pimp, and try and keep it Good Charlotte related, okay?

Rec RPs out, too. I know there are some damn good ones out there. Tell us all about them, give us a good excuse to finally pay attention.

Have fun.